Altrincham is reputed to be an upmarket suburb with attractive people and cash.

However, it is not exclusive as its PR say. The suburb has a very active social scene as various footballers live here and surrounding areas. They are however outnumbered by non-celebrity residents. Town centre shares space between bars, Bijoux little cafes and the high street standards found in other areas.

Altrincham has a variety of the things to offer. It has 3 stately homes: Dunham Massey,Arley Halls and Tatton. Their landscaped gardens are open to the public.

Other attractions at Altrincham are:

  • Peak and Lake District
  • Multi-screen Cinema and ice rink at Station Location
  • Best schools around Manchester area
  • Major motorways and efficient tram service to city centre
  • Many local societies from astronomy to local history for members intending to be involved with local community

There is a huge range of houses in Altrincham from beautiful period properties to terraced houses for the first time buyers on a budget.  Nearby Urban Splash Budenberg Haus Project has earned praise for the prestigious developer making others follow suit. One-bedroom flat at Altrincham costs around £134,000 while a four-bedroom house costs over £500,000.


Didsbury is easily one of the most sought-after places to live in Manchester. There are 3 popular areas in Didsbury.

East Didsbury: Known for sedate tree lined streets and brilliant schools.

West Didsbury: Fiercely independent-dominated by small credible restaurants and The Metropolitan pub.

Didsbury Village: Highly sought after with bustling village centre boasting top end chains of cafes, hotels and large M&S supermarket.

These 3 areas are connected by lush green space with massive trees lining Palatine Road the main way towards the city centre.

Most properties have substantial gardens. There is a large amount of lush green space connecting the three areas. It is usual to find substantial gardens attached to properties.

The common thing in the 3 areas is an affluent community. Rental and property markets are expensive than surrounding areas. Properties range from sprawling Victorian areas to stylish new-builds with many set at conversation areas.  The cost of one-bedroom flat is around £140,000 while four-bedroom property sells at £500,000.


Salford is a separate City from Manchester but is very close. Many people buy property at Salford because of cheaper prices.

Salford was founded during industrial revolution but dilapidated when many mills and factories closed. It only recovered properly in the last decade with most of the old terraced housing demolished   in favour of new developments with wide gardens and grass verges.

Salford Quays the first of regeneration projects has over last 10 years transformed from wasteland to a prestigious address. It now houses multi-million arts complex, The Lowry Centre and regional radio stations. Such developments and residential high-rise constructions lining waterways will create an influx of people causing property in this area to experience a huge rise in value.

Urban splash creative Chimney Pot Park at Langworthy has attracted a high number of buyers who queue overnight to buy the affordable prices. Developers working at areas like New Broughton and Ordsall are committed to building affordable homes for first-time buyers.


Sale is a leafy affluent Manchester suburb. It is   famous for a strong community, well-tended waterways and attractive architecture.

Sale has much green space, well-performing schools and growing café culture making it suitable for families and professionals. There are good transport links to Manchester making it suitable for people who want the convenience of the city with peace and sense of community found in small town.

Sale Attractions

  • Waterside arts centre
  • Sale Water Park
  • Lauriston and Corridor Gallery
  • Sat on Bridgewater Canal bank

Over half of the properties in Sale are large Victorian semis or the detached houses but there are affordable 1930s semis on sale. There have also been few new developments. A 1 bedroom flat costs around £106,000 and 4-bedroom house sells at £380,000. There is a noticeable variation in prices depending on the building and its location.