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Category: Manchester

Tips When Buying Your First Property in Manchester

Manchester is the 3rd largest city in the UK. It has second highest population after London.  This vastness might be intimidating but can be an advantage due to many contrasting areas. It presents a chance to find property close to dream facilities.  Property prices at Manchester are not prohibitive like those at London. This guide […]

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Investing in Property in Manchester

Manchester is the 3rd biggest city in the UK, a large area with different property markets from low-value terraces to city centre apartments has great potential for property investment. Steady population growth has created strong demand by homeowners and tenants. East and North Manchester has low price properties with great rental yields, therefore, good choice […]

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Guide to Manchester and The Surrounding Areas

Altrincham Altrincham is reputed to be an upmarket suburb with attractive people and cash. However, it is not exclusive as its PR say. The suburb has a very active social scene as various footballers live here and surrounding areas. They are however outnumbered by non-celebrity residents. Town centre shares space between bars, Bijoux little cafes […]

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