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Category: Double Glazing

The Benefits of Double Glazing

For a start, a house loses a lot of heat through the windows. Most people think covering the windows with curtains is a solution to this. The truth of the matter is curtains do little to contain the heat in your house. There are better ways to conserve the heat in a room. Double glazing […]

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How Does Double Glazing Work

A window is designed to keep out the draught and retain heat on the inside. Unfortunately, few windows achieve this primary function. Most windows allow cold air to get in and allow lots of heat to go out. The effects of low heat retention include huge energy bills. Double glazing the windows reduce heat loss […]

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How To Know When Your Double Glazing Has Failed?

You may have appreciated the benefits of double glazing and installed such windows on your property. While double glazing is excellent in retaining heat in your house, it will not last forever. So, when is it the right time to replace the double glazing? What to look out for The following are indicators that your […]

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Installing Double Glazing In Your Home To Decrease Heat Loss

Installing double glazing to decrease heat loss in your home is a very practical and effective solution that will not only help to keep your home warmer but, will also save you money on your energy bills. Double glazing is achieved by putting two glass layers together and ensuring that there is gas-filled space between […]

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