Manchester is the 3rd largest city in the UK. It has second highest population after London.  This vastness might be intimidating but can be an advantage due to many contrasting areas. It presents a chance to find property close to dream facilities.  Property prices at Manchester are not prohibitive like those at London. This guide has some general tips for the first time buyers and insider information on property buying within Manchester.

Buying the first home

There are many estate agents who are interested in dealing with first-time buyers because they do not have complications of dealing with selling one property to buy another. For this reason, even inexperienced buyers stand a chance of getting the perfect property. The most important point is to find appropriate conveyancing service.

An effective and experienced property management company like Townhouse Lettings is invaluable at each stage of buying first property.   Do not give into the pressure of settling for first estate agent you meet .Shop more for perfect agent. Contact many agents as possible paying attention to the experience of each and the effort that company advisers make you feel at home.


Communication   is very important   for effective property sale. Avoid companies with a poor reputation for communication and customer service as they not likely to broker a good deal for you. A good agent should be accommodating as property deal requires regular communication at each step. The key for successful first property purchase is to find Property Company that engage you and foster a personal bond. A thriving relationship between estate agent and buyer is characterised by trust, sharing and honesty.

After estate agent suggests appropriate houses for you to check out, your relationship will include a seller. Create a rapport with the seller and prepare helpful questions.  It is essential to ask about the history of building works and renovations. Also, inquire about a number of previous viewings. It will give you an insight on the number of people interested in the property. The time a property has been in the market is a good indicator of its suitability. Look at homes that have been on sale for long more carefully. It may seem excessive but it worthwhile because you will avoid unpleasant surprises after moving in.

Infrastructure and transport

The enormous size of Manchester makes it easy to find desired building and neighborhood but also has challenges. It is important to consider ways of commuting to and fro work or school. Manchester has highly developed and affordable public infrastructure. Buyers who prefer public transport strive to find homes located within short walking distance to bus or metro link thoroughfare for easier efficient commuting.

Lately, Manchester is undergoing major upgraded and renovations. Approach areas where you visit to view properties without preconceptions. Rarely sought after districts like Newton Heath, Northenden and Whalley Range are now vibrant, full of stylish buildings and new facilities without high-end cost. The City and Greater Manchester area has numerous property options for those who need easy commuting or quieter neighborhood.


Manchester is one of best Cities to look for property.  The first step is to find the right estate agent to provide you with necessary tools and advice.  Trustworthy estate agent such as Townhouse Lettings will listen to your views and tailor them accordingly. Why don’t you call them today?