Installing double glazing to decrease heat loss in your home is a very practical and effective solution that will not only help to keep your home warmer but, will also save you money on your energy bills. Double glazing is achieved by putting two glass layers together and ensuring that there is gas-filled space between the two layers. It is not possible to put the two layers together on site. The two glass layers are fixed in a factory under low pressure. For the glazing to be effective manufacturers have to ensure there is no moisture trapped between the glass layers.

The air trapped between the glass layers acts as an insulator. It is not possible for the air to stop heat loss between the inner glass and the outer glass. However, the air reduces heat loss by a great percentage. Heat loss by convection is reduced by ensuring the air gap is narrow. Heat by radiation is decreased by ensuring the glazing is perfect. Double glazing will reduce heat loss in your home by an average of 59%.

Your home has a lot to gain from effectively double glazed windows

Manufacturers do coat the inside glass so that it can reflect heat back to the room. This reduces heat loss by radiation. The main reason why there is heat loss through windows is because of the thermal conductivity of glass. For this reason, heat is easily conducted from warmer parts to cooler parts. Due to the reduced heat loss, double glazing keeps a room warmer for longer than single glazing.

Temperature control

Double glazing is effective in temperature control in that the room is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The air gap between the two glass panes keeps off the cold climate outside from affecting the warm temperature inside. Ideally, the reduced heat loss cuts the cost of heating up the room.  During the summer, the air gap prevents the warm climate outside from increasing the temperature of the interior of a room.

Decreased condensation

Condensation occurs when the cold air meets a warm surface. The air gap in double glazed windows keeps the inner surface at room temperature- this eliminates chances of condensation. If you are in an area prone to condensation, installing double glazed windows will help solve the problem.

Sound insulation

The air gap also acts as a sound insulator. It will keep unwanted sounds from the outside at minimum. Double glazed windows minimize outside noise by a margin between 20 and 70 percent.

Other benefits that come with double glazed windows include UV rays filtering and security. Double glazed glass is difficult to break. Among the many producers of double glazed windows, The Advanced Group stands out. The company provides uPVC windows which are double glazed. They have triple glazed windows too.

uPVC windows  require little maintenance. They are stylish and give your home a modernized look. Consult The Advanced group today to learn more about the benefits of double glazed windows.